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Credential Validations

Temilola Adewumi Onaneye, ABDE™

  • Digital Badge Awarded to: Temilola Adewumi Onaneye
  • Name of the Credential: Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™)
  • Unique Credential Code: 8003395677
  • Credential Awarded By: Data Science Council of America (DASCA)
  • First Award Date: Dec 29, 2020
  • Credential Expiration Date: Dec 28, 2023


In addition to technical knowledge and profession-specific skills, the degree of success in professional roles is always influenced by the depth and breadth of a professional’s exposure to challenges in developing big data applications for varying users operating varying legacy systems. Based entirely on exam-performance, this certification, in principle indicates the possession of knowledge and comprehension of critical and most recent theoretical and applied concepts, principles, frameworks and methodologies in big data application development and engineering, reflecting a professional potential for outcome-driven performance in responsibilities related to developing, coding, testing and commissioning big data software applications, modules, and plug-ins, etc.


Data Science is a constantly evolving and dynamic professional space, and professionals require to constantly update themselves. The assessment for this certification includes important knowledge areas like:

  • Use-cases of big data applications

  • Hadoop Ecosystem and other contemporary analytics technologies and platforms

  • Storing, manipulating, and processing bulk streaming data through popular analytics tools and applications

  • Importing, transferring, testing and debugging of streaming data application processes

  • Machine Learning applications

  • Association Rule mining; Decision trees

  • Inductive logic programming

  • Support Vector machines; Dimensionality reduction

  • Feature selection and experiment design and analysis

  • Probabilistic graphs, Clustering, and SOMs; trend analysis and forecastingn


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