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Credential Validations

Victor Maia, PDS™

  • Digital Badge Awarded to: Victor Maia
  • Name of the Credential: Principal Data Scientist (PDS™)
  • Unique Credential Code: 7557083354
  • Credential Awarded By: Data Science Council of America (DASCA)
  • First Award Date: Mar 06, 2023
  • Credential Expiration Date: Mar 05, 2028


In addition to technical knowledge and profession-specific skills, the degree of success in professional roles is always influenced by the depth and breadth of a professional’s exposure to challenges in designing and developing the data and business-intelligence infrastructure in organizations and implementing data mining solutions for varying users across a plethora of use-cases. Based entirely on exam performance, this certification, in principle indicates the possession of knowledge and comprehension of critical and most recent theoretical and applied concepts, principles, and methodologies of analyzing various data science models and frameworks, reflecting a professional potential for outcome-driven performance in responsibilities related to managing and visualizing large volumes of data and impacting business through innovative deployment of the latest in data science and analytics technologies.


The field of data science is even more volatile owing to rapidly emerging technologies and applications in areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The assessment for this certification includes:

  • Applications of Data Science in Business & Governance

  • Strategic decision-making for Data Leadership

  • Data security and data ownership policies

  • Data management strategies and data policies

  • Data governance across platforms

  • Developing business intelligence infrastructure

  • Managing data lakes

  • Data visualization strategies, protocols and systems

  • Management of streaming data applications infrastructure

  • Big Data Solution Engineering

  • Social Media and mobile analytics infrastructure

  • Data analytics applications in Machine Learning

  • Data literacy and functional excellence


DASCA is a world leader in credentialing professional skills in Data Science, and is widely credited for its contribution in developing standardized, vendor-neutral and platform agnostic skills framework for engineers, analysts and scientists working in various sub- domains of Data Science. With the world’s first and the most powerful bouquets of international credentials in big data engineering, big data analytics and data science for professionals, DASCA spells the state-of-the-art in Data Science excellence today.